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#I literally cheered guys #My queen #Asami is the real role model in this series along with lin beifong #I know little kids watch this show and i’m glad there are characters like asami who don’t take shit from people and become role models fo… #Asami sato #Legend of korra #Perfection.

Word. I also hope that Mako doesn’t get off  easy for all this garbage he’s putting Asami through. I hope the moral of the story becomes, for both Korra and Asami that some men are just not worth it.

Asami was spot on in this conversation. As soon as the kiss is brought up Mako immediately tries to back peddle and find a way out. He wonders how she found out and becomes pissed off it was Bolin. Instead of apologizing, or even admitting it was true and grovelling for forgiveness, Mako gets annoyed. The dude is fucking work of art. How we are supposed to support him I will never know.

Asami rightly points out that he should not be trying to shift the moral blame of the convo onto his brother. He was the one who was kissing Korra and yet he won’t even admit it, let alone apologize. Mako was trying to deflect blame at this point and Asami stopped him right there. I thought this was the worst he could get in this episode, I was wrong.

The last scene confirmed everything I dislike about Mako. He is no longer being oblivious to leading these two girls on, he knows what is at stake and shows no qualms in putting his arm around Korra and leading her away in front of a disappointed Asami. The guy is a douche, plain and simple. It’s a shame that Korra isn’t like ‘what the fuck are you doing, aren’t you with Asami’, but she probably is just a bit distracted what with the bloody war. Mako on the other hand knows exactly what is going on now, and he’s made his choice. No apologies, no explanations, nothing. He wants Korra this week and he doesn’t even have the decency to break up with his girlfriend. Nice one, dude! 

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#Look at your life  #Look at your choices   #don’t be a douche 

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