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I hate the nick player because it’s absolute crap but the show needs the support. Anywho it froze at this one part with Toph in this position and I really thought that she was turning up for something. So I made some crap edits of Toph doing just that. 


ATTENTION COSPLAYERS: I based Korra’s new Book 4 boots on existing ones. They’re vegan, which is cool. Maybe I’ll rock a pair too. Here’s a link where you can order them:



lok is my fave sitcom

i wish i could see makani LoK comics behind my eyelids at all times




Good to know that some things never change.




(images were edited to emphasize the lights)

The view from space shows the known urbanized areas in the world of Avatar!

Republic City and the cities of the United Republic is the most urbanized nation as shown in the map. Aunt Wu’s village (as shown by the bright dot) is also a city now. Below is probably Merchant’s Pier where the met the pirates and the Harbor Town in The Storm. Seaport Village is the place where the prisoners from Haru’s village were boarded to the Fire Nation ship.

As you may have noticed Ba Sing Se is a HUGE mega city and if you look closely there’s an illuminated road leading to Chameleon bay. Gaoling, Toph’s hometown also seemed to be urbanized now. Omashu doesn’t show any lights so it’s safe to say it’s preserved its original state.

The Southern Water Tribe’s advancement is also very visible in space but we can observe there’s actually two cities not just one.

The Fire Nation seemed to be still in daytime and the Fire Nation Capital isn’t visible. Su Jin, Piandao’s village got some visible lights as well as Hama’s village, the fire fountain city where Toph gambled, and also the village where Aang enrolled in grade school.

There seemed to be urban settlements in Air Nomad territories and we don’t know anything about them. In general, a lot of urban centers are located near bodies of water, which is realistic.

When we thought of Korra, she was pugnacious and a go-getter. She really embraces her role. So if she was already there when we started the show, where could we take her? It was humility and self-awareness and maturity through taking her on a spiritual arc. So it’s kind of the opposite arc that Aang had.
Bryan Konietzko on Korra’s character development [x] (via forevergirlkorra)

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Headcanon that Toph couldn’t stand living in any city because her seismic sense is so sensitive she would have always felt the cars and trains and obnoxious people clambering around like at all times!

She even says how much she hates Ba Sing Se in ATLA (for many reasons, I know, none of which are this one, but work with me here)

Her retreat into isolation was probably inevitable…