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"…you’re a part of me now."


Inuyasha summed up

Because if you live your life worrying over losing what you have, then you’ve already lost it. You can’t be happy when you’re worrying like that—and you can’t love to the fullest if you’re guarding yourself, either. So, you just have to be strong, love as much as you can…and hope that, when the day comes that you lose something, you’re strong enough to get through it.

- Nuriko (via angnakakapagpabagabag) -
Anime Character: dies
Ending theme: Upbeat music and happy animation



Why Good Anime Is Hard To Make - if you appreciate the sentiment,SHARE THE VIDEO and spread the word!

remember this the next time someone tries to tell you that capitalism encourages innovation

Production DesignAkira (1988)

As I originally developed [Akira], I used each issue to build more depth and size into this mammoth city [Neo-Tokyo]. I kept trying to achieve this by creating a variety of situations to stage the graphic storytelling. But with film you get to combine all this into one and I think that it is much more convincing on film than in a serialized comic strip. - director Katsuhiro Otomo; P.D. by Hiroshi Ohno, Yuji Ikehata and Kazuo Ebisawa

"Many people refuse to accept me as one of them. I have to prove to them that I can be useful. That’s the only way they’ll accept that my life has meaning."

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