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Okay, so I’m feeling pretty dang confident with this program. I have friends interested in using it, and, rather than create my own redundant tutorial, please allow me to link to the other tutorials people have made that I used the most when figuring out the program.

Emofuri requires three things:

  1. The actual Emofuri program (duh),
  2. an .mmo file template, which can be acquired on the Emofuri site (linked below!)
  3. and a .psd drawing with the character elements on special layers. You can create the .psd in Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI (my fav), or Fire Alpaca. (Fire Alpaca has the added bonus of being able to name layers with Japanese characters—if you are using SAI to create layers, I strongly recommend getting FA if only to rename your layers).

Before you download Emofuri, make sure to change your system localization to Japanese—otherwise everything Japanese will show as ??? or boxes. Don’t make this harder than it has to be. If you don’t know how to change your localization, do a quick Google to see how to do it for your OS.

After you download Emofuri, make sure you immediately open it to make sure it works on your computer. Don’t spend hours on a .psd file just to open Emofuri and realize it doesn’t work! Also, stare in terror at all the kanji you don’t know. Let it sink in. The horror will help you grow stronger. Pretty soon you’re going to know all the characters for “hair” and “eyebrow.”

  • First of all, the emofurihelp blog will save your butt. Especially the FAQ! If you’re having a problem that seems totally bizarre and unfair, 9 times out of 10 someone else has already experienced it and had it answered by emofurihelp.
  • shabnakh-adyr's layer tutorial was a FRIGGING LIFE SAVER. I referenced this tutorial through 90% of my learning curve in creating my drawings. It will help you figure out what to draw and what layers to put it on. There are also downloads to the templates you want to use (templates are basically your animation rigging, what you’ll apply your custom drawings to).
  • The official emofuri help forum has a few additional templates if you want to muck around with those!
  • yumizoomi has a short, straight-forward tutorial that really helped me when I was having trouble importing my .psd into Emofuri (it’s not easy to figure out on your own :T)
  • professorbel has a series of tutorials that really help with adding additional parts to your characters (parts that are non-standard, like glasses or scarves or something): importing the parts, and editing their animation settings. professorbel also has a crash course in animation, which is a useful place to start, but I found the catalog method to be a little clunky. I will show you guys how I animate in my own tutorial later!
  • And, finally, a helpful tumblr user I can’t direct link for some reason has a very simple guide to editing parts parameters, for when the program isn’t smart enough to realize on its own that eyes don’t move that way. And trust me: IT ISN’T.

Up next, I’ll have a tutorial for you guys on animation. The catalog method is quick but I had trouble making it work in the timeline. If none of that makes sense to you, don’t worry: I’ll cover all this crap. With pictures!



Eyes, nose, mouth, head, hands, ears and folds reference drawing tutorials.

Anonymous whispered: Hello! I love your art and I was wondering what brushes do you use to get that lovely painterly look?


thank u

i usually use the spread brush for lines and then i mess around with the blending modes, using either brush or marker, more often the brush :B
i use low blending to blend the color in quicker with fewer strokes sometimes or when it’s in tiny spots

and i sometimes use the flat brushes that make it a bit more blocky

then it’s a bit of messing with the settings to find whats a good feel for ur brushes and whatnot
im not that good with explanations but i hope it helped somehow?? :’0


Exercise 26: Shading Gems Results
Check out the results of our Shading Gems exercise here along with the explanation to create your own HERE!


..not what I meant to do this evening but look I made a tutorial!

this kinda got out of hand but I was having fun shh

remember to experiment around, there are many different ways to do things! B) it’s up to you finding the one you like!

also gomen for crappy handwriting and some rushed drawings


Let me know if you have questions!!!


Costume designed by Philip Prowse for the 1984 production of Phèdra

From the V&A


Anastasia Galaktionova

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