Only in My Dreams...




Today will forever remain in history as The Day I Trended In Canada, and also The Day J H Williams III Retweeted Me.

If you’re not following my twitter, there’s a whole conversation about sexist attitudes towards comics you might be into.


My local comic book store is so much better than this. I’d say at least half the patrons are women, and none of the staff have even hinted at this attitude. There is Buffy and joss wheedon merchandize everywhere, and it’s wicked successful financially.

I wish I knew of some stores like that in Cleveland. I’m sure there are, but I’ve been so burned in the past, I gave up going to these places by myself.

When I was in middle school and high school, I would always go with my brother because the comic book stores then were run by boys/men for boys/men. I would either get majorly creeped on or get “OMG!! A GIRL!! What are YOU doing here???”. 
Same goes for video game exchange stores.  Really uncomfortable for me. 

Like I said, for the most part I bet they’ve changed, but to this day I’ll usually ask my brother to go somewhere with me if I’m not familiar with the store.