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Current Status: Discussing Susan Sto Helit as a professor at Hogwarts. We don’t even care what she teaches so far (though she could probably give the curse on the DADA position the Look and it would let her teach the position for as many years as she wishes) but rather how the students and the other professors would react to her.


First of all; I’M SORRY.

A crossover nobody asked for…Kill la Kill and Transistor. The idea just crossed my mind recently and I thought it would be funny if the Transistor was a Kamui…and this is what happened.

Aaanyway, in my defence I did do a serious Transistor fan art painting here, and an Emofuri animation of Red here

Edit: I did make a little post on my own personal stance regarding this little crossover :P You can read it here if you want!



Imagine Hagrid going to Berk.

Imagine it.

Bearded men the same size as him.

Dragons of every shape and size.


Yer a Viking Hagrid.


Yer an apostate Harry, and you better come with us Templars now, where you’ll live in The Circle Tower for the rest of your life, otherwise we’ll kill you lmao.


Disney Princesses as Game of Thrones characters by DjeDjehuti.


TSUBASASTUCK DESIGNS MAYBE (that’s about all of them from the previous two posts with a few outfit alterations- except Davesprite i am gomen)

if anyone’s wondering why I decided to cross over Homestuck and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles it’s mostly because they both have wonky timelines, paradox clones and unlimited amounts of p a i n y’all should read TRC it’s amazing




what would happen if you put Matilda Wormwood and Tiffany Aching in a room together though

how many problems would be solved

how many books would be read

how much would get done

crossovers I now need with the burning of one million suns

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