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people laugh at me when i say that he’s hot

do you laugh back at them because they’re wrong



When we ride, we ride, it’s till the day that we die

Asami Sato-We Ride by *Chukairi

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this was the best scene in anything i’ve seen in my entire life


zuko and sokka tell dad jokes.  there is NO way around this fact. every time they hear someone say they are hungry or cold they do a 180 exorcist head turn

azaras-spirit whispered: What if on Halloween Asami cosplayed as Wonder Woman but she really liked it so afterwards she kept dressing as her and tries to save Korra all the time and it was fun at first but the gaang just get really annoyed so the boys give up and at some point Korra's just like "Asami I'm trying to eat my cereal,"


the morning is evil



I was gonna try and do mommy!Korra, since it’s on this blog, buuut I liked this palette for canon!Korra instead so. Here you go. I’ll make it up with a mommy picture later.

Your name will echo throughout history.


What if..? xD I don’t even know what to say about it…
maybe I’ll do more of this :P

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